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Accessing files fast is more important than ever - no matter where you’re located. With the scale of content delivery and the use of so many different cloud services, it’s still difficult to be continuously efficient.

That’s why we built Amove. We bring all of your files and folders, no matter the size, to your desktop instantly. Over 6000 different businesses use Amove for their file management requirements. We help you save time and cost unlike any other cloud service.

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The Amove Story

Prior to Amove, our founders started a systems integration company called Aces Technologies (2014) based in Los Angeles. With large media customers that included CBS Corp, Disney, Warner Bros and Verizon, Aces provided a range of services that supported data infrastructure management, complex video workflows with design and planning for hybrid cloud architectures.

In 2017 we transitioned to building software tools and services to support our current customer base with a long term vision set on delivering a SaaS platform that offered new ways of user experience and efficiency through ease of use and file management.
In 2023, we launched Amove which currently supports over 6000 businesses worldwide.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

  • Cloud Storage Customers Worldwide
  • Cloud, SaaS and Data Management Companies
  • MSPs & Resellers

Our Vision

Customer Experience

Obsession with simplicity and
customer experience.

Groundbreaking Innovation

Continuously create more efficiency
for cloud customers worldwide.
Saving incredible time and cost.

Long Term

The cloud era is still young. AI is now upon us. The possibilities for near term and long term innovation have never been greater.

Mission Statement

Amove's mission is to be the world’s most efficient file management
service through innovation and an obsession with simplicity.


Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy
CEO & Co-Founder

Patrick Kennedy is the co-founder and CEO of Amove, a creative leader who drives the vision. Patrick has built a reputation for producing results through innovative problem-solving and unique execution. He has founded several tech businesses, designing and overseeing complex hybrid infrastructure transitions for customers that included CBS, Disney, Verizon and Activision.

Patrick applies continuous curiosity with a unique set of skills - attracting high talent to innovate tomorrow's solutions with incredible execution. Tech companies worldwide seek Patrick’s insights for strategy and next steps.

Michael Asadoorian

Michael Asadoorian
CTO & Co-Founder

Michael Asadoorian is the co-founder and CTO of Amove. Together with Patrick Kennedy he has started and built 3 tech companies. Michael designed a groundbreaking object management architecture that optimizes networks and enables APIs to access and move content with ease and speed like never before. For any cloud, any network on any device.

As a veteran of multiple startups and large enterprise organizations, Michael is a visionary leader with experience in companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

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